Born Pale

by My Self : The Muse

[I can’t remember when I wrote this – found it in Google Docs – but I’m guessing in 2011/12]

Born Pale

born pale

and taught

to be white


of shades

and difference

but then


rising into life


hidden shame

guilt overwhelming



and unknown


in the darkness of misunderstanding hatred grows; not for the other, but for the self – invisible and unfeeling, innocence is stolen, replaced with contempt – we learn just enough to dance between separation and indignation; using the words of concilliation, while standing at a safe distance – from them, from us, from love, from recognizing what is one in all – afraid to close the gap, afraid to heal, afraid to touch black to white, red to brown, to white, to whiteness, to indifference, to misunderstanding, to life

so the suffering

goes on

and you raise yours

as I raise mine

another generation

lost to will